Our Services

The philosophy of Tallie O. Young & Associates when designing a financial program for our clients is to look at the “big” picture, YOUR BIG PICTURE.  We consider your financial situation, goals, age, marital and family status, emotional needs and physical health.  Every detail is important to the big picture. 
Whether working directly with you, a family member, your CPA or attorney, communication is critical.  There should never be a question left unanswered and we encourage everyone we work with to feel comfortable asking them.  This is part of building the best possible customized financial plan for an individual, family or business. 


Over 28 Years of Experience 


Personal Financial Planning 

Cash Flow Analysis, Net Worth Analysis, Financial Strategies, Income Analysis, 
 Income Strategies, Tax Strategies, Benefit Coordination, Risk Analysis and Prevention 

Retirement Planning 

Pension/Profit Sharing, 401(k), Defined Benefit Plans, Cash Balance Plans, Deferred Compensation, 
Roth 401(k), SEP(s), SIMPLE(s), Individual 401(k)s, IRA(s), Roth IRA(s) and IRA Roll-overs 

Business Planning 

Non Qualified Executive Benefits, Tax Management, Business Continuation, Long Range Planning 
Key Man and Buy-Sell Insurance   

Investment Services 

Risk Tolerance Analysis, Investment Strategies, IRA Roll-Over’s, 401(k) Asset Allocation, College Funding  

Employee Benefits

Group Medical, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability, Life, Dental & Vision Insurance, 
Executive Incentives 

Estate Trust Planning 

Research & Analysis, Estate Conservation & Tax Strategies, Charitable Giving